Mister Oh! is a  rock band thats spent the last few years playing dates around the Hudson Valley and developing an extensive catalog of original songs with all members contributing vocals, tunes, or arrangements. Drummer and whirlwind Tim Whalen and guitarist PJ Klym provide vocals and harmonies with PJ plumbing his a capella past. Guitarist Tim Ruscoe found his way from San Francisco to the Catskills via the New York punk jazz, rock, and improvised music scene. Mr Oh! himself,  James “Family Man” Ortner, secures a soulful low spectrum on bass. The band is willing to play another set if you wish!


Make sure you  peep those tunes. :-|


The Fam-Oh!-Ly
(Special Guests who have performed with the band)

Brett Herman – Original Mister Oh! band member -Guitar/Sax
Robin Baker – Vocals
Patrick Paulson – Tuba/Sousaphone
Sam Newsome – Trombone
Jacob Hefele – Violin
Vin Warner – Upright Bass
Dan McBride – Guitar
Lee Herman – Vocals/Harmonica
Maggie Whalen – Vocals
Sonia & Emily Ruscoe – Vocals
Nancy Chusid – Oboe
Jeff Entin – Guitar/Slide Guitar
Rah-C – Sick Rhymes
Big Joe Fitz and the The Lo-Fi’s
Andrew Cymbal – Sax/Keys
Mary Poppins – Spoons
Ms. R – Vocals/Percussion
Dustin Bryant – Guitar
John Perusse – Vocals
Dan Shevlin – Guitar
Mark Dzuiba – Guitar
Tom Loomis – Harmonica/Percussion
Larry Balestra – Percussion